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Social media

Social media

Social networking websites are no longer only a place for social meetings. Currently, they are a tool permitting exchange of information and opinions about specific products or services, which is used already by all companies aware of the power of social media. A modern company is where its Customers are. It establishes interaction with them, reducing the distance and becoming one of them. Well thought-out activities in the social media allow to focus on a given brand of potential customers, building a friendly image of the company in their consciousness.

46% of Facebook users discusses or recommends to their friends products of companies they trust!

Do you want to become successful in social networking sites to get to a wide group of recipients? Show your best side, using our offer. Being aware of the way how important the presence in social media is, we provide complex assistance in the scope of using social networking sites to promote the company and to build and maintain relations with recipients - prospective customers.

What do we do?

  • We will design a graphically unique profile of your company
  • We will equip your site with social widgets
  • We will prepare an effective advertising campaign on Facebook
  • We will prepare and plan innovative competitions which will make the users involved
  • We will enrich your profile with contact forms and distinguishing interactive elements
  • We will prepare for you such tools as stores, applications or quizzes
  • We will use tools for monitoring to know what the consumers say about you

Thanks to our knowledge and experience your company will finally become recognizable, traffic on the website will increase, which will positively affect the sales.